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    So I don't know if y'all knew this, it has probably been there forever but I have never seen it before. Seems pretty neat to me so I'm gonna go ahead and post this quick thread about it. On the PC version of the site you can change the color scheme in the bottom left on the pull down menu. I like the orange one, I don't know if you can save it to your profile so it pulls it up every time or whatever, but it gives the forums a fresh new kind of look without really doing anything lol.

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    ^ yeah - way back when peeps wanted multiple colors. Just note if anything "fishy" happens always try the black default color before reporting any bugs. I have to update all the templates manually and sometimes I miss things. There shouldn't be anything big though.

    Oh and they are called "Themes"


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    I've rolled with blue from day one lol

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